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Quen will take your uploaded WMA file extract speech and turn it into text
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How to Transcribe WMA

WMA to Text in 3 easy Steps

Upload your WMA File

Upload your WMA file to Quen.

Automatically Transcribe

Quen's AI will automatically transcribe
your WMA's speech into text, it will take a few minutes.

Download and Share

Export and Download your preferred file
format or share it with your team members.

Frequently asked questions

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What does a WMA to text converter do?
A WMA to text converter, extracts speech from your uploaded WMA file and turns it into a text document. You can upload your online meeting videos, interviews, class lectures and more. Quen uses artificial intelligence to covert your WMA to text.
How long does it take to convert a WMA to text?
The amount of time it take to convert a WMA to text really depends on the length and quality of your WMA. it can take anywhere from few mins to and hour. Great thing about Quen is that once your WMA is uploaded, you will get an automatic notification via email once your WMA has be done converting.
What is the difference between an automated WMA to text converter and a human transcriber?
Automated WMA text converter uses AI to extracts speech and transcribes it into text. AI has 95% to 97% accuracy and can take only a few minutes. While human transcription, take about 24 hours and it costs more, but has 99% accuracy.
Which file types can be converted from WMA to text?
Quen can convert most popular audio and video formats, like MP3, MP4, MOV, WAV, WMA, M4A.
What Languages can you Transcribe in?
With Quen you can Transcribe in English, Spanish, French Korea, German. You can also easily translate your meetings to other languages.

More than WMA to Text

You can convert WMA file to text online with Quen, but there is so much more to be discover! Our online platform, is designed so you can Transcribe videos and audio files. Connect your Zoom account and automatically import your recorded meetings. Share and collaborate with your team members. Take note and upload PDF, Word Docs, PowerPoints and more related to your meetings.
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