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Frequently asked questions

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How is my meeting data stored?
We understand that the security and confidentiality of your private recordings is paramount. Your meeting data is hosted on encrypted drives on industry leading cloud providers. You can optionally have a completely on-premise or isolated installation if you prefer.
Why is transcription time limited?
In order to get the best quality transcription, we partner with companies with extensive experience in automated speech-to-text whose hourly fees are included in your limit. If you wish to transcribe more audio, we can increase your limits.
Can your Transcribe in different languages?
With Quen you can Transcribe in English, Spanish, French Korea, German. You can also easily translate your meetings to other languages.
Can transcripts be edited?
Yes, you will be able to edit transcripts directly from our application, or you can download a DOC file and edit it before sharing, if you prefer.
What will happen to my meeting data if I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account anytime, and your meeting audio, video and transcripts are permanently and securely deleted. We will not be able to bring them back if you reopen your account later.

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