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Seamless Zoom Integration

Quen can automatically download all your Zoom meetings and make them easy to share and search.

Get automatic AI-powered transcripts of all your meetings - whether it's a sales call, interview or stand-up meeting.

Integrate with Zoom

Sign in with Zoom to supercharge your meetings.

Upload Video & Audio

Upload any audio or video file to get all of Quen's powerful features with any platform.

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Transcribe and Search everything that was said

Quen makes it easy to search all your past meetings - you'll wonder how you worked without it.

Share key parts of your meetings with co-workers who missed out.


Mark important moments to create summaries for your whole team.

Search every meeting

Easily search all your meetings like you would search a word document.


Make meetings better for your whole team

Quen helps everyone in your team get on the same page. See what was discussed, and highlight important parts so everyone knows what was important.

Slack integration and deep linking lets you link to an exact moment in a meeting when you want to share or clarify something.


Share specific moments and action items with your team.


Highlight key points, and add context right on the transcript.

Clear Permissions

Ensure the right people can see what was said in a meeting, and nobody else

Guest Access

Share transcripts with guests, great for interviews and webinars.

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