Record, Transcribe and Search across your voice & video conversations

We can help you keep track of what was said in online meetings, and work better with your team.
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A better way to do meetings

Do more with your meetings

Files and meeting notes

Keep your meeting notes and files like slideshows in
one place, and share everything in one convenient link with
everyone on your team!

Export transcripts

You can also download and export transcripts in a
variety of formats for internal use or archival purposes.

Share with a single click

Get a quick link which you can share your meeting
recording and transcript. Simple privacy controls help you
control who can see your meeting.

Easily Import meeting Recordings

Quen works with audio or video recordings of your meetings.
Import your Zoom Cloud recordings automatically, or just upload
your files.

Zoom Cloud Recording

Quen integrates tightly with Zoom, and can automatically import your
cloud recordings. It also works great with local zoom recordings!

Any audio or video file welcome

If you've got an audio or video file of your meeting recordings through
any platform like Google Meet, you can also import them into Quen
for easy access.

Transcribe and Translate

Transcribe in your native language, if you are having meetings Korean,
Spanish, French or German. You can even translates your meetings.



Take your meetings to the next level.


Your partners and team members can automatically translate contents of a call to get on the same page.


Store meeting recordings for up to 18 months with our archival options, so you can find information that you're looking for.

Playback Speed

Play back audio and video at 1.5x or 2x to quickly recap an entire meeting in much less time.

Edit Transcription

If our automated transcript got a name or word wrong, quickly edit it in place!

Auto-import Cloud Recording

Link your zoom account to automatically download each new cloud recording for maximum productivity.

Meet notes and files

Get all related information about a meeting on the same page (like slideshows, reports, etc)

Team management

Allow multiple people to join your team with invite links, or allow anyone with a Google Apps Domain to join your team.

Link to specific moments

Link to specific moments in your meeting to quickly get feedback and clarifications from team members.

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